My Revert Story – by Aaliyah Frances

Asalaamu Alaikum / Hello

My Muslim name is Aaliyah and my birth name is Frances, I was named after my grandma.

I thought I would make a blog and write about my revert story as I’ve had many messages off of brothers and sisters asking me why I reverted, how I reverted, what made me want to be a Muslim? All these questions and I thought it would be easiest to write it down in one place so anyone who wants to read it can read it here.

Here’s my story

When I was growing up, I started noticing Islam when I was in high school. I had a handful of friends who were Muslim, and they were so kind and caring, at break times and lunch times they would always go to this quiet room called ‘the prayer room’ and I didn’t know anything about that back then, but I use to love going in there with them away from the noise and the hustle and bustle of break times. I would watch them pray and stare in awe of what they were doing, I won’t lie at some points I did laugh, but that was only because of my ignorance, I didn’t know anything about Islam at that stage. All I knew was that you had to cover your hair and wear trousers/long skirt if you were a girl. I kind of felt a little left out that my close friends had this religion in common that I knew nothing about, I wanted to be apart of it but I was so young and I didn’t know where to start. In June 2016 I approached my friend from primary school who also went to my high school ( how lucky am I? ) and was one of the girls I was talking about in the beginning of my story. I approached her over Text/WhatsApp that I wanted to revert to Islam and I wanted her help, how to go about it what do I need to do? Where do I go? What do I say? Etc When I told her this the reaction I got was of excitement and happiness and like a long lost family member had returned home. So she sorted out that I could go to the mosque not far from where I live and she would revert me herself, so I went there, I covered myself as best as I could and I even covered my hair out of respect for even stepping my toes inside of such a beautiful holy place, even before I became a Muslim I had so much respect for Islam, I believed in Allah even before I took my shahada. When I said those words ‘ La illaha IllAllah, Muhammadur Rasullulah’ I felt an overwhelming feeling of emotions, I felt peace, I felt happiness, I felt whole, I felt when i sitting in the mosque I was finally in a place where I belonged. Wallahi the feeling is indescribable unless you have felt it yourself. There was a few sisters in the masjid at the time and they had heard me saying my shahada, they came over to congratulate me and hug me and some even had tears, which then made me tear up, just having them hugging me felt like I was home. I felt so emotional I just had to sit there for a moment to take in what just happened, I was bursting with happiness.

The reason why I chose to be a Muslim?

Allah Guided me to become a Muslim. He chose me and handpicked me himself. And I am eternally grateful to Allah SWT for blessing me and my life with this beautiful perfect religion wallahi it is perfect. I feel like I have a purpose in life, I feel like this Dunya, I use to cling onto it for dear life before, getting used and abused by the creation, not realising there was a Creator above me who loved me for me! He loves me just the way I am, faults, flaws He loves me. And I love him , I love Allah SWT. When I think of my love for Him my heart wants to cry out of love for Him, His mercy that he has bestowed upon me, the blessings He has given me, the hardships I have faced the battles I have lost and the battles I have won, are only by the will of Allah, I say ALHAMDULLILAH! If it wasn’t for Allah and Islam, if it wasn’t for you beautiful kind and caring sisters, I don’t know where I would be, and it’s scary to think what my life would be like if He didn’t guide me to Islam. The last thing I will leave you with is, Allah saved my life. And He continues to save my life every single day.

I’ve been Muslim for 2 years now Alhamdullilaah and I wear the hijab and abaya and have done for more than a year. I’ve worn the Jilbab a few times but I feel like that’s such a big step from an abaya and I’m not ready for that change yet, but In sha Allāh one day.

I hope you enjoyed reading my revert story





2 thoughts on “My Revert Story – by Aaliyah Frances”

  1. subhanAllaah. whoever Allaah guides, none can misguide and whoever He misguides, none can guide ❤️
    may Allaah bless you with khayr in this dunya and the aakhirah habibti. May He make practising His deen easy for you and keep you firm upon the Haqq! X


  2. Masha’ala sister alhamdulla your my sister now because you are Muslims this the relationship between us is creed “Islam”. Very nice!! Really I hope to see you in the future in the will of Allah. Allah always with his servants…… May Allah lighting your life by knowing Islam. Have you read the last sermon of Prophet (p. B. U. H), if it’s not yet try to read it soon. My pleasure to read about sister and brother how reverted again to islam.


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