“Every Thing Is Haram!” (Kullu Shay Haram) – by Andrew Ramsey

Kullu shay haram! What would a convert’s experience be without having encountered the ‘haram police’? Let me set the scene: You are not even a year past your shahadah. You walk into a masjid wearing the latest jeans, a hooded top and sporting a flat top hair cut with a fade. So far so good.… Continue reading “Every Thing Is Haram!” (Kullu Shay Haram) – by Andrew Ramsey

My Revert Story – by Aaliyah Frances

When I was growing up, I started noticing Islam when I was in high school. I had a handful of friends who were Muslim, and they were so kind and caring, at break times and lunch times they would always go to this quiet room called ‘the prayer room’ and I didn’t know anything about that back then, but I use to love going in there with them away from the noise and the hustle and bustle of break times.....